Thursday, November 18, 2010

Play called in for a new QB at Auburn, Florida State involved!!??

Secret " Hidden Camera" recorded Sheriff Tiger ordering up a new QB at the Roadside cafe.  I think the guy having a beer used to be at Florida State.  I smell roadkill and another scandal!!

Press Release - Auburn Football Sheriff

This just in :

Auburn Football Booster Jackass Club

How perfect are the rednecks coming out that support the team and the program.  Take Auburn booster Milton McGregor.  This guy owns a car lot, dog track and he votes pro gambling.  Hired!! Auburn U President, perfect credentials for the job.  Here is another addition to the booster club :

Auburn Football," We need a Quarterback and 180 thousand dollars and make it fast we is in a goddam hurry for a national championship" :

F@$K You, Here's your Whopper

Another genious fast food employee.  Spongebob knows better than this :

Another Proud Illegal

Nice job Pedro, now everyone knows.  Coming out of the shadows and telling people who you are and where you came from...Illegally from Mexico.  Cant wait to see him on Good Morning America for being so brave.  Vote for Pedro!!

Porn Stick, who's got one?

Brilliant idea for all of you that want to get your porn fix without getting caught.  Tiger should have used a porn stick...wait he did.  Ironically this product was developed in Salt Lake.  Mormons really know how to get what they want without getting caught.  What's next?  Booze stick so you can get drunk?  How about a tobacco stick?  A gambling stick?  You can do it all without your Mormon friends knowing anything!!  Maybe we can call it the Utah Stick!